Add Newsfeed as a web part in SharePoint Page

NewsFeeds are important part of SharePoint. They are a lot like a public blog or microblog. Users can start a conversation with people, tag them and create hashtags. Users can also follow other users and hashtags, reply to an ongoing discussion, like a post, copy the link of the discussion etc. Users will receive an email as soon as they are tagged in a particular post.

Below are the steps to add NewsFeed as a web part in SharePoint page.

Go to Site Settings –> Manage Site Features. Activate Site Feed feature, if it is not already activated.

As soon as you activate this feature, a new Microfeed list is created where all the Newsfeed discussions are stored.

Edit the page on which you want to add the NewsFeed web part.
if it is a Web Part page, click on Add a Web Part. Go to Social Collaboration category. Select Site Feed and click on Add.
If it not a Web Part page, click on a place where you want to add the web part. Click Insert on Ribbon –> Web Part –> Social Collaboration –> Site Feed. Click on Add.

When you add a NewsFeed Web Part, you can start a discussion, tag people and create hashtags.

Author: Akanksha Gupta

I am a developer and working on SharePoint and Project Server in an MNC. I have more than 10 years of experience in the same field.

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